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tv   [untitled]    July 9, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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504 occupation and many leaders were at the celebration on wednesday. it has been 25 years since we passed the ada and san francisco made accomplishments in the built environment and in city hall and on the streets, however we have much more to go such as affordable and accessibility housing, funding for programs with people with disabilities, educational opportunities, meaningful employment . people with disabilities that are capable and willing to suv the city in many ways more than they have been. the theme that dedoesn't stop here and patient no more is fitting for our celebration in san francisco. i want to thank carla johnson and staff along with the many disabled peoples organizations for
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constantly raising aware snss and educating us. as a allah of the disability rights movement i learn from you every day. it is my pleasure to acknowledge jessica lameen. the director of aids league rerl panels feowna [inaudible] independent living resource center who are leading in september a major pride event and state wide conference here in san francisco. marie joblong of community living campaign. kelly [inaudible] ihss public support and mark nelenson of community sevs of tool works. more information is all over the place. patient no more is the exhibit that was displayed. the ed roberts cams in berkeley gets it and san francisco state has it. direct action and organizing and making laws and implementing
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and enforcing laws. ada 25 bay is when you can find information of the organizations we should support. at this moment i'll ask if carla johnson of the mayor office of disability and others would like to make comments. >> thank you so much president breed and supervisor mar for that introduction. i don't feel i have anything to say at this point because you did such a good job. one reason we are here is to introduce from cada but also we are here today to thank member thofz fwored for all the work you have done especially around issues like pedestrian safety a, affordable and accessible housing. some of the issues we have around elevator access to single units
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hotels, effective communication. making sure people that use american sign language can participate in those events. website accessibility and things like preserving and enhancing the community and cultural resources like the african american cultural center and bay view opera house project which is under ren ovation. as supervisor mar said, we have much to thank for had 25 anniversary of the signing of the americans with disability act we feel it doesn't stop here. we have so much more to do. you were speaking about the affordable housing issue, that matter is huge for the senior and disability community because it is the newly constructed houses that are affords[inaudible] different critical key elements whether
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that is in home supportive services or mental health services to help disabled vets remain in the housing. in order to continue living independently in san francisco we want to build and maintain our infrastructure such as streets side walk squz public transportation and need accessible businesses too and want to thank supervisor tang for the legislation she plan tooz introduce that help help move that forward. we need housing and we need job jz as you medicationed supervisor mar, meaningful jobs, well paying jobs jobs thatd allow us to live in the city and allow us to cut those tie tooz government assistance . i would like to introduce you so you can see the [inaudible] marie joblong from community living campaign. we have
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jessica layman from senior and disability action. feowna himes for independent living resources san francisco. kelly dearman from in home supportive serves. bill hush from aids legal rerl fanl and mark nelenson from tools works. i guarantee you'll see a lot more of us because that is our job. our job is push the envelope and engage the conversation with you so we can make san francisco the best place for people to live in for people with disabilities. thank you. >> thank you mrs. johnson and
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the coalition for all your hard work for the disabled and community. madam clerk we'll return to our regular agenda and go to item number 14. >> item 14 is a ordinance to amend the planning code sex 138.1 to authorize the rincon hill streetscape mast er plan and make the appropriate findings >> supervisor kim >> thank you i justz want to recognize the planning department for their work on the streetscape plan coming before us today. the rincon hill area plan was adopted 10 years ago in 2005. it was the first major area plan adopted by the planning department since the 1990's down town and south of market plan. a response to the changing
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economy and need to build more housing, rincon hill was known from a former industrial area to mixed use. streetscape and traffic changes continue to be a integral part of the planning process. the area rezoned residential is at the base on the bay bridge with surrounding streets service as regional arteries in traffic ways. pedestrian safety and traffic in the area continue to be a priority and issue. for many residence as we grow the residential population in the new residential neighborhood we have seen a increase in the commuter traffic from the growing number of business and jobs. the residence have been asking for more vision zero improvement to insure as seniors with families and kids they can continue to feel safe walking and living in the neighborhoods and the
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streetscape plan includes components of widening of side walks of places that used to be manufacturing corridors. a focus on harrison street for traffic [inaudible] and street widening and of course one boulevard we have talked about, the central soma area plan is folsom street as a neighborhood corridor potentially [inaudible] the street and making it the small business neighborhood corridor that connects the south of market from the water all theway to the mission. we also are working to improve pedestrian conditions and increase parklets and parks and open space. i want to thank our residence who are living in this neighborhood as it changes and becomes a more complete neighborhood and for their input and feedback of the process ovthe past couple years
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and i ask for your support of the master plan before us today >> thank you madam clerk item 14 can you please call the roll >> supervisor yee, aye. avalos, aye. breed, aye. campos aye. christensen, aye. cohen, aye. farrell, aye. kim, aye. mar, aye. tang, aye. wiener, aye. there are 11 aye >> this ordinance passed unanimously. can you please call item 15&ordinance to amend subsection of the general plan known as ren conhill plan and incorporate into the streetscape master plan and make other technical amendments and findings under sequa >> supervisor cohen. okay. colleagues can we take this
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item same house samea call? without objection theords nns is passed on the first reading. can you please call item 16, 17 and 18 together >> 3 resolutions to authorize the mayor to cast assessment ballots on behalf of the [inaudible] improvement district to be named for item 16, sate owned parcel in the dog patch and potrero hill. [inaudible] yerba buena community district and item 18 a parcel of property in the rincon hill district >> colleagues can we tace these items same house and call? these are passed unanimously
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>> establish the last 10 dayoffs jan as restaurant week and eliminate the health code of [inaudible] >> colleagues can we take this item same house same call? >> without objection the ordinance is passed on the first reading >> item 12 is a motion to repoint supervisor kim term ending june 30 [inaudible] >> colleagueicize there a motion to excuse supervisor kim? without objection supervisor kim is excused. madam clerk on item 20 can you please call the roll >> item 20, yee, aye. avalos, aye. breed, aye. campos, aye. christensen, aye. cohen, aye. farrell, aye. mar, aye.
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tang, aye. wiener, aye. there are 10 aye >> the motion is approved. >> item 21 is a motion to reappoint supervisor eric mar to the association of bay area government executive board >> is there a motion to excuse supervisor mar? without objection supervisor mar is excused. >> item 21, yee, aye. avalos, aye. breed, aye. campos, aye. christensen, aye. cohen, aye. farrell, aye. kim, aye. tang, aye. wiener, aye. there are 10 aye >> this motion suproved
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unanimously. madam clerk can you call item 22 >> iletm 22 is a motion to approve the mayors reappointment of audrey joseph >> roll call vote >> item 22, yee aye. >> before we move forward on the voting i missed supervisors wieners name on the roster >> thank you i just wanted to speak in support of audrey josephs reappointment. i do a lot of work around late night and entertainment policy and work with various events. for decades audrey joseph is a amazing leader on these issues and thoo she is torfic and has
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my strong support >> supervisor campos >> thank you president breed. i want to echo comments of supervisor wean and say i'm grateful commissioner joseph agreed to serve the city in this capacity. she has been doing this work for so many year jz it is great that not with standing all the energy that goes into the work she still wants to continue to do it so i'm grateful and proud to support her reappointment and thank the mayor for moving this name forward once again >> thank you. seeing no other names madam clerk can you please call the roll >> item 22, supervisor yee, aye. avalos, aye. breed, aye. campos, aye. christensen, aye. cohen, aye. farrell,
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aye. kim, aye. mar, aye. tang, aye. wiener, aye. there are 11 aye >> this motion is approved. madam clerk can you call item 23 please >> item 23 is a motion to appoint theodora marie it the entertainment commission. without objection this motion is approved unanimously. madam clerk can we please go to roll call for introductions. >> supervisor yee is first up to introduce new business. >> thank you madam clerk. there are a few items i would like to introduce today. as
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soon as i can find them. so, the first item is a request for the development of a white paper and state of design guidelines on family friending housing in san francisco. today i am introducing the resolution to the planning department to development the white paper and the guideline frz family friendly housing in san francisco. over the past several months i have met with planning dweckter john ram and thestaff about this. we have also engaged in initial discussions with housing developers btd this issue. it is a well known fact we need to coo more to retain families living in san francisco and attract new families here. we have been known as a major city with the lowest child population and hope we can reverse that. one of the many factors that families site as a
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issue is housing. not just the cost but what constitutes family friendly housingism many assume family friendly housing means having more bedrooms, but that is really not the only factor. as we all know we have plenty of 2 and 3 bedroom can doughs that are not family friendly. family friendly housing factors in open space, play grounds [inaudible] dedicated childcare, space, storage, elevator said for strolers and groushry and the list goes on. in the 2015 housing element, there is a recommendation to create a yineifyed definition of what family housing is. i hope we can take the next step by creating a set of guidelines with the input of a working
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group that includes a diverse group of developers families and housing expercent to help shape future development in the city. this resolution passed the planning department to create a white paper to define family friendly housing how to encourage more developments with this elements in line. secondly, [inaudible] family friendly design guidelines to shape san francisco future housing developments. i'm eager to see what comes out of this process and hope you will support this resolution. the second item is to ask the budget and legislative analyst
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services to provide a audit on all senior services in san francisco broken down into districts. the reason i want to do this, as you know we had several discussions around the issue that surrounds our seniors and it is really a faster growing population than the children and yet our services are keeping pace with that population. also because in the past much of our senior services have been concentrated in certain neighborhoods, i believe and will have to get this audit done to see whether that is a fact or not and whether we need to move services around the serve all the seniors throughout the city. the third item i have to s to close the meeting in
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memoriam request for pursy chew. he is somebody, a hero from my childhood days and he was born in 1927 and just passed away july 4. he actually was-entered his real job-his first job as a postal worker, but in july of 1952, he started working part time for rec and park. anybody growing up in san francisco during that period when he was working there that played a high level of basket ball would know who he is because he was the coach for anyone that made it to a high school or college team. for 40 year said that is what he did and his passion. i had the opportunity to have him as a coach for teen age teams, but
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later he also pushed the adult team called the saints that went to many many national tournaments and international travel including 2 trips to china. he will be missed and he's survived by his wife jean and children stacy [inaudible] and derek and 6 grand childrens. in lieu of flourfbs his family would like you to make donations to [inaudible] day school >> colleagues today i have a introduction of a hearing request to look at the efficacy and level of coordination between the department such as deportment of bilgding inspection and police
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departments and blighted properties in district 7. we illegal activities [inaudible] gambleing along the mission street corridor and excelier district. it is problem that has gotten worse over the years. as we see economic activity increase, legal economic activity a lot of illegal activity is happening in district 11 and we need to get a handle on. [inaudible] assess the level of coordination and efficacy of departments and figure ways they can work more closely together to achieve a better anect and shut down illegal gambleing or parties going on that are contributors to huge
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public safety problems along mission street to other blighted properties >> supervisor campos >> thank you very much. i just want to make a very quick comment about something very tragic that i know has been the focus of attention in san francisco and actually throughout the country and that is the tragic death of catherine steinly. we say that i don't know that anyone cannot but feel pain and a lot of sympathy for this family, for anyone to lose a loved one is a challenging thing and it has been very painful for me to think about something like that happening to anyone. it is
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very sad and very tragic and i know that the families are in the thoughts and prayers of so many of us. i think as we move forward with this discussion to provide some context and balance to the discussion that has ensued, there is a reason why this board of supervisor uninen mississippily passed and the mayors sign our sank ware policy and i think what gets lost in the hysteria and coverage provided is the fact that at the end of the day sank ware policy is about public safety and making cities like san francisco a safer place. ultimately sank ware policies are about letting the undocumented people who live in
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a city like san francisco and they are a part of every neighborhood have the ability and the trust to come forward when they are the victims of a crime or when they are witnesses of a crime. the only reason they will come forward in a place like san francisco is because they have trust that law enforcement is not going to focus on the enforcement of immigration. there are examples of how many cases where undocumented people by coming forward have increased the safety of their communities. when the discussion was happening in loss angeles chief bratmen talked about a number of homicides in la and it took a undocumented man to come forward and say this is what i
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saw to catch the person. by coming forward that individual made that community safer and that happens every day. i think that as we discuss this tragic incident, it is important to have a thoughtful and balanced discussion and that we also do not let the act and the actions of one individual define an entire community. it is very painful experience for anyone but i think that it would be a mistake to have one incident define us and to respond to one incident with over reaction that can actually make things worse and make a community less safe. i know that for many they have tried to make san francisco a political football
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but i personally think that it sadis service to this family and to the issue to try to score political points on this very sensitive and important matter. ultimately all of us care about public safety. that is why our law enforcement here in san francisco, our chief of police, our district attorney and sheriff supported the sank ware policy. it is about public safety and i think it is important that we do service to this very complicated issue by making sure we have a thoughtful and balanced discussion. thank you. >> thank you supervisor campos. supervisor cohen >> thank you i submit
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>> supervisor farrell >> thank you madam clerk. colleagues i have one item today for introduction. over the past few years i continued to hear from kin stucherants inside and outside of district 2 about their wishes to be notified about project that impact their neighborhood. whether they want to know about a project or development we debate about here in city hall or whether the meeting stop is moved. there a few examples we make inside city hall that have a impact on the quality of life in the neighborhood. currently if renz dchbts want information they have to request that information from the city department responsible for the projects. often we have [inaudible] planning and pleny orelt departments but it doesn't cover all the things that impact quality of life in our neighborhoods. in the
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technology capital of the #ur78d world in san francisco i believe our residence should have advanced access to decision squz projects impacts their neighborhood. that is why i nrtd deuce the neighborhoods notification act that create the first dijtageed notification system which is one stop shop on line for any city resident that wants to be informed about their neighborhood. we'll bring access to san franciscos most important decisions and projects. we'll also save significant resources to allow residence to be noiched by electronic means or opt out of receiving mail notice. this will be in addition to rather than in place of city requirements to insure those that don't have access to e-mail or internet still rev notification. it will be created and maintained by 311.
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the centralized notification system will cover projects and decision in the areas of construction and infrastructure repair public health and safety service, the environment and transportation. it also will be created in 2 phases, the first phase of the system is the creation of the website where member thofz public can find information on city projects in each district. the target date for creation of the website is 6 months from the adoption of the ordinance. the second phase the city sends by e-mail or other electronic means on a periodic bases information regarding project squz permitting decisions to members of the public to sign frup the service. the target date for creation of the centralized notification service is 12 months from the date of the ordinance passing. the legislation requires city departments will